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Hexters has entered Steam greenlight, please vote for us!

Hexters is an unique blend of a city building game and a tower defense game. Your goal is to build and expand your city and eradicate the enemy infesting the world.

Day Night Cycle

Build by day, fight by night. Day night cycle not only affects the visuals, but also the gameplay. Hexters don’t like working by night when the enemies activate.

The day in the world of Hexters is created artificially with a rechargeable drone that illuminates the world. The length of the day is constant, but the length of the night depends on your ability to charge the drone. If you fail at charging, expect a never ending wave of enemies...

Asymmetric Enemy

Unlike in many competitive city builders such as Settlers, Age of Empires, or Anno, the enemy in Hexters is evil, ever spreading, asymmetric force. These enemies only activate by night, or if harassed by the player.

Indirect Control

You only have indirect control over the actual world. Place building plans, and watch Hexters implement your plans to their best ability. All the buildings, characters and weapons work autonomously - you only give the instructions.

Cycles and Infrastructure

Everything in the world is powered by cycles, which are generated at power stations. You need to make sure that every building is connected with wires that transfer cycles, and you need to make sure that you have plenty of cycles to go around. You can store cycles for later use, such as night or charging the drone. Failure to have enough cycles at the time of need might lead to catastrophic consequences and destruction of your city.

Co-op Multiplayer

Hexters will have co-op multiplayer where two (or more) players can play the same game. Ramp up the difficulty, divide the tasks and see if you can save the world!

Retro low-poly aesthetics similar to Darwinia & Tron, spiced with latest graphics features to give your GPU something to think about.

The music and sound effects are created by Draconus Entertainment's composer Markku ‘Dragst’ Rankala. Expect soothing electronic ambiences and ear-melting chiptunes! Check out his site for more fun or to get music for your game.

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